We are delighted to welcome you all, to our very own restaurant, Amigos Cocina (Friend’s Kitchen).

We want it to be friendly and welcoming, cosy and comfortable. Where people can come and feel relaxed, while enjoying delicious food and drinks, amongst friends and family, where happy memories can be made.

We want it to be a place that transports you away from the mundane, a place where the sun always shines.

This time two years ago, our world was falling apart as Dave was suddenly taken seriously ill and admitted to Southmead Hospital, under the wonderful care of the respiratory team.  His condition deteriorated over the next few weeks and finally, on 3rd January, 2019, we were told his only chance of survival was a double lung transplant!

Dave was then transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, where he underwent assessment, to be placed on the waiting list. Finally, on the evening of 8th February, 2019, Dave had a place on the list.

Just 5 days later, we received “the call”, a set of lungs had become available and they were a perfect match for Dave. On 13th February, 2019, we received the greatest gift, the gift of life! There are no words to express how eternally grateful we are to our donor and her family, for this precious gift, they have enabled us to carry on creating beautiful memories together as a family and with all our friends.

We are passionate about what we do. We want people to know what love and dedication we put into our restaurant. We appreciate the value of life and surrounding ourselves with people we care about.  Making people happy is our goal. Life is too short to be miserable and unhappy. We’ve learnt to do what makes us happy and this is it, so come and let us make you happy too.

We still can’t quite believe that this has been possible but here we are, thanks to the loyal support of our customers, friends, family, the wonderful NHS and our very special organ donor, we are about to open the doors of our Mexican tapas restaurant.

We look forward to welcoming you all soon.